Saturday, January 01, 2011

Today we must write

It is the first day of 2011.


Another set of 365 days ahead of us like a staircase leading us to great things.

Today, I must write, coz the only resolution I make is to make a serious effort to do whatever I really want better, so that I am happy with the effort or the result. It can be anything at all. It can change, from day to day, or month to month, but the promise I make to myself is just to do it well and wholeheartedly, whether it is having more fun, clicking more photographs, applying for more jobs, or writing more often this year.

And so I will.

2011 was brought in surrounded by dear ones as we gorged on a spicy-ass dinner at a Thai place named Namh in Belgravia. Everything was delicious, but ooo very spicy even for someone like me who loves the heat.

It was quite the meal with a variety of meats and fish including chicken, yummy beef salad which almost burned our mouths, and hot and sour fish and prawn soup. My vote goes to the soup which on a cold winter day couldn't have been better.

The mains included rice, sea bass green curry, venison in green chillies, and garlic and shrimp in shrimp paste with tomato flavored mackerel served on a bed of star fruit and pear apple. I know! Awesome right.

The mackerel took me back to mama's table, coz it tasted just like a dish mama makes superbly. And just in that one instance, even though I was sitting so far away from my peeps back home, I felt warm, fuzzy and like I was gonna be hugged by a sis just then. Just simple signs can mean so much.

I was with people I wanted to be with. I was happy.

This year is gonna be a good year. I just know it.

Today I'm humming Replay by Iyaz


  1. I'm loving this meal. Hot food is always a preference for me... well almost. What's your favorite hot sauce, or do you have one? Sriracha (spelling?) is mine, I think. Has a good kick and excellent flavor.

    Cheers and happy new year.


  2. Casey, if I remember correctly, I may have had something to do with you liking Sriracha?? :) I remember writing a post on it and u said you were going to order it, and I remembering you posting saying that you really liked it and was trying it on different things. I hope I am right and not confusing you with someone else...don't think so.

    I love Sriracha, we always try to have it at home, there's one sitting in our cupboard right now. It's awesome!!