Monday, January 17, 2011

Annette Bening wins the Golden Globe and I am thrilled

Annie is a star. Period.

I've always found her tres interesting. She comes across as someone strong, but with a sensitivity that cannot be completely ignored. She has that womanly delicateness even in her deceptively stiff, straight and no-nonsense elegance.

She's terribly articulate, charming as hell, and has a presence. Her being quite tall surely adds to it, and whatever we may want to say, taller, does command a different type of attention. You see the person more easily, especially in crowds, and aesthetically and objectively speaking, height does me anyways.

So, Annie in her dark, super trendy glasses and black dress definitely rocked the Golden Globes last night. It went on until too late London time so I could see only half of it. I did get to see enough of Annie though. See, here's the thing, in my opinion the dress wasn't great. BUT it was a nice style, and it fit her like a glove, but it's Annie that made the dress look like the way it did. It's the package. Warren Beatty, you are a lucky man. And she a lucky woman. You two look good together, and are a testament to success in marriage in an industry that holds onto divorce or breakups more than togetherness.

The Kids are All Right is the movie for which Annie won. She plays a lesbian woman in a relationship with Julianne Moore (also love!), and trying to have a happy life with their two kids. Interestingly the kids have been brought into the world by both the mothers, each delivering a child that has been fathered by Mark Ruffalo, who was the sperm donor. The movie revolves around these five characters and how the dynamic changes when the new 'Daddy' comes onto the scene.

Ms. Bening does a wonderful job, and so does J. Moore. Annie is the provider, and the care taker of the family displaying outward strength, and possibly hiding the vulnerability of a lover when she's scared about the future of her troupe. She's protective, headstrong, very capable, and beautiful.

To Annie:
"I like you Ms. Annie, but my gal pal Nata
loves you if you know what I mean. So imma leave you to her. She can deal with Mr. Beatty. We were considering making a trip to Costa Rica, and while I sip on a bacardi, she plans to check out the women. I told her that she should forget the 'women' and just call on Ms. Annie. What do you think Annie? It'll be fun. You in?

Other highlights of half the show that I watched:

- Ricky Gervais, the host of the show: hmmm I get what you were going for, but maybe you took it up a bit too much. These H0llywood types are sensitive people you know. Ego's are pretty much what they hold on to.

- Robert Downey Jr. You are a smooth, charming, intense and funny man. Like Like very much.

- Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Colin Firth are continued favorites. btw, Al's got a new gal. Not impressed.

- Note to self:
Need to watch Black Swan and The King's Speech

I am looking forward to the remaining half of the show which I think airs again a decent hour.

Today I'm humming We're Going to Be Friends by Jack Johnson


  1. Yeah, she's awesome. Great to see her win and we will definitely want to see the movie. You think she gets along with Carrie Fisher during the holidays?



  2. Strong, sensitive, no-nonsense, elegant,charming and more - you say it all dear. The movie was great too!! :)

    Drool!! :)

  3. u stole my thot's on annie totally! she's jus tooo cool, n to top it all the movie has my other favourites - mark n moore!
    u must catch part II then.... Robert's(de niro)speech in particular...

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