Monday, January 10, 2011

Imelda May's got a boom boom

Just a bit quirky, with a fantastic voice!

I didn't know of her until I watched an episode of The Graham Norton Show this past week where she performed a single from her new album Mayhem. Quite a presence she has, this blues-y, jazz singer.

Especially loved the dress she wore, it was an Elvis inspired dress since she was quite influenced by The King. You like? Not sure it can be wore terribly often, but appropriate to pledge her respect to a star on his anniversary.


What a wonderful sunday. London doesnt see much sun. But, when it does, everyone comes alive! There is a happiness in the air, and both people and animals find a reason to celebrate. It's a pity the sun doesn't see its effect and come out to visit more often. Can't complain, today is a sunny day too.

Yesterday, I walked through Holland Park. Oh so beautiful in the sun. It retains its forest-like feel which makes a walk through it all the more fun. Walking past the bustle of hi-street Kensington and into the serenity and calm of the park is da best.

There are benches spread all across the park with cute phrases and notes by people who have donated. Quite loved this one.


Everyone's happy when the sun is out. Case in point. The peacock up on the tree.

And everyone else too.

Today I'm humming Johnnie's got a boom boom by Imelda May


  1. Its been a while since I last visited!!! Been really caught up with my med internship!!! And had a dose of writers block as well!!! Good to see u around!!! :))

  2. Vyazz: It has been a while! Welcome back. Glad to see the writer's block dissapearing :) Hope to see you around more often too.

    Mr. Mambang: Im not sure what u mean?? Pls elaborate. what didnt u get?