Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A box of fresh organic vegetables at my doorstep - why is it still so daunting?

Last week I caught up with two classmates from Cambridge who are now in London. We met at Baity Kitchen - the Mood Food deli, a gem of a place in South Kensington that I've been meaning to visit ever I read about it. Recently opened, it is small, but super cute and homely with delicious Greek food. The hosts and servers are very nice, almost shockingly so given the overall level of customer service in this country (as compared to NY). A pleasant surprise and a definite edge over many other eateries.

After going through the usual pleasantries with my dinner buddies, we got down to job talk, heavy gossip, the lack of sun in London, the characteristics of your 'ideal' man/or the type you are attracted to, our travel plans, and ingenious ways to be invited for classmates' weddings that hope to be in exotic lands including Russia, India, Uruguay etc. We decided that we have to start early if we want to be on the guest list! How insensitive and sly no? We had a great laugh about our charming ways.

Given we were eating delcious food - a moroccan chicken and rice with olives, tabbouleh salad, roasted chicken, and macaroni and cheese in truffle oil - the conversation steered to cooking.

R'all says that she orders a vegetable box on a weekly basis from Able and Cole. A box full of fresh, seasonal organic vegetables delivered to your doorstep with recipes to match the ingredients. 'Delicious' she says, and 'healthy'! The perfect alternative to munching on deep fried sweet and chilli crisps'. I say, ', waittt a minute. Not entirely true you know'.

It sounds pretty awesome, especially with the spoon feeding they do by providing recipes too. Given her enthusiasm for it, I must consider. And yet, I can't. Not yet anyways.

On one side, being a diligent carnivore, but now with herbivorous habits neatly imbibed more and more over time, I still find it overwhelming to think of this big box sitting in my kitchen. Oh the pressure to devour all the supposed goodness! On the other hand, it will be healthy. And on yet another side, the scary thought of looking at rotten veggies at the end of the week.

I am being pessimistic, but I know myself. The few veggies I do buy sometimes rot if I'm not quick enough. Now, I am cooking a lot more so the waste is lesser, but a box. I mean, its a box full!

Perhaps in the future when I have someone to 'manage' the box, when it is not solely 'my' responsibility, I will welcome the box. Until then, I'll stick with the little packets of brussel sprouts, three carrots, coriander, one small cabbage, one portion of spinach, a cucumber and lots of potatoes and meats to tide me through the week. Baby steps.

Today I'm humming Consider Yourself from Oliver Twist

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