Thursday, September 06, 2012

Stop. Go. Stop. -- All in air.

I've always been very keen to know how the whole Air Traffic Controlling works, because its not like there are any physical things that are in 'air'.  Of course, traffic is coordinated with signals, and there is a whole method to the air madness, but I'd never seen it.

I could spend a LOT of time on that page in the inflight magazine which showed all the flight routes.   It was a magical page to me.   But it only included the flights that the airline whose plane I was sitting in covered.  What about the entire world?!

So while online, I looked for it, and here's a video I found.   I think its authentic, well I wouldn't know.  But I like it.   It is a 24-hour time lapse showing air traffic from a satellite.   For now, this satisfies some curiosity.

Notice how the 'hub' switches between places, Heathrow being quite a busy airport, and then when night falls, the East is relatively quieter.    All like little ants reaching to their ant hills to huddle around and get some rest before wandering off into new directions as a new day begins.

Quite cool I think.  Now I wish there was another video where they had this taken at the 'air plane' level.  You know like there was a camera on the 'air road' if that makes sense, rather than from above it all?    There has to be one like that no?  If you find it, can you send it to me please?

Today I'm humming:  Blue Lips by Regina Spektor. ....."Blue Lips, Blue veins, Blue the color of our earth from far far away...."