Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Away we go' - are they F*** up's?

Social networking sites help. I heard about 'Away we go', the movie through a friends post on facebook. I know her, and so decided that if she liked it, then it's worth a watch for sure. Plain ol' primitive word of mouth reference does have its place even in the modern world, its just that the medium of dissemination has altered.

Last night I caught Away we go on TV. I propped myself cosily on my couch, made sure I was in easy reach of a snack, water, the remote and my phone somewhere around and started the movie.

Firstly, I was excited about the movie because it stars Maya Rudolph who I think is hilarious, and quite love her from the Saturday Night Live sketches. John Krasinski plays the male lead. He is the guy best known as Jim from The Office (US).

It's an easy-to-watch movie, can be regarded as slow, but I didn't mind it coz it gelled with the overall theme of the story. It was a pleasant change from watching action thrillers, and reality shows where Kendra shows off her booty with hard hip-jerking movement, 'Go kendra, Go kendra!'. I find it too funny!

The story of the movie, without giving away too much is this: Maya is pregnant (6 months), and both Jake and Maya are figuring out their place in the world, and considering options on where they'd like to raise this new addition.

They question their position relative to the 'normal's' of the world, and aren't sure if they are f***-ups because at 34 (Jake is 33) among other things they 'have a cardboard window'!

They decide to 'go' and explore new places to find the perfect spot. In the bargain they explore not only places, but come into close proximity with lives of people dear to them, and also confront past fears. They do get to the crux of it all in time, which is to cherish what THEY have.

And what they have is a cute, fun and 'knowing' dynamic which only the inhabitants of a relationship can understand. It may seem bizarre, silly or mushy for others, but it's perfect for them.

I really liked the calmness, but warmly funnyness, and understated performance of Maya, which is rather different from her crazy side on SNL. Jake isn't awesome, but his character works, coz he's a nice guy. A bit goofy, but nice.

The movie isn't perfect, but here's what I liked:

  • It makes you reconsider the 'wish it were me' syndrome? Coveting another person's life, job, or perceived happiness is tricky. You can't be sure you want it until you've walked a few steps in that persons shoes
  • It allows people that society thinks should follow a pattern, to NOT have a pattern and be Ok with it
  • The simplicity but strength of a relationship that is not displayed as overtly passionate, but it so so special
  • The marriage certificate is precious, but it is not a requirement for commitment
  • Maya Rudolph's freckles and facial emotions
  • Maggie Gylenhall's very very emotional, but hysterical, "I reject your aggression"
Not every movie has to move you enough to make you want to conquer the world. Some movies sneak by stealthily and leave you with a little more warmth and something to think about, smile about and plenty of good music to listen to. Away we go did just that for me.

Today I'm humming All of my days by Alexi Murdoch (also in the movie)


  1. I watch a plethora of movies, ranging from horror, romance, the entire star wars/ lord of the rings/ narnia themed movies, etc.
    I have no typical genre which I choose to watch all the time.
    Mu favorite being animations from pixar.
    That being said, I think I will watch this movie, been meaning to download it for quite a while.
    I believe John Krasinski is an amazing actor, love his chemistry with 'Pam' in the office!!!
    You have tweaked my curiosity as a consequence!!!! Will have a look for sure!!! :))

  2. I missed this one, but like the actors and the story sounds pretty good. We just finally saw Social Network. Excellent flick. Great review, by the way.



  3. Vyazz: I havent seen the narnia movies, need to get over the block I have coz I think I will actually like them. Maybe soon. Gonna watch Kings speech today/tom. Check Away we go and let me know if you like it.

    Casey: Thanks! Given the long list of movies you have to watch, this can wait a bit. :) I need to see Social Network, the tall skinny guy seems interesting!

  4. umm.. sounds like a sweet lil movie.. I'm adding this to my "to-watch" list.. of course word of mouth works :-)