Friday, December 10, 2010

Good logo, Bad logo, who knows? Maybe Gap, Tropicana and comedy Central

Is a makeover always exciting? Hmm..

Granted that this information is a bit dated, but it is important. I couldn't help writing about it, and I think it got triggered by the previous post on Green & Black's, and recent news that Comedy Central is also going the same way.

Every now and then an established brand decides that its time for a makeover. Visually speaking of course. Internal makeovers I cannot attest to, coz I have worked at but a small percentage of existing companies.

I take three logos today that have been through the makeover process and ask you what you think. Tell me which one you prefer, the old or the new, and why. Even if you know the history of what actually happened with the brand, ignore it for now. Speak your mind please, you are one of the consumers.

Gap: Old (Left), New (Right)

Tropicana: Old (left), New (right)

Comedy Central: Old (Left) New (Right)

What's the verdict?

Pic Sources: Websites of each of the brand respectively, Gap, Tropicana and Comedy Central.

Today I'm humming: Blessed by Brett Dennen


  1. Gap - I don't think I'm the first one to say this - looks like a financial service company logo. Granted the old logo is dated and needed a revamp. But a graded blue square? Really? Come to think of it, it even lacks the gravitas a bank would seek to portray and actually looks more like a consulting or accounting company logo. Bad.

    Tropicana - yes. Haven't seen the packaging in real life yet but I can see myself reaching for that juicy visual on the shelf. Definitely like the cleanliness of it. Get rid of the clutter. 100% OJ. But would really have to see the real thing - is the lid in the shape of a half an orange?

    CC - Am having a rather hard time making up my mind about this one. Visually it's very compelling - at least to me by virtue of its simplicity. But can't see the comedy anywhere. Could be Chilled Cider, Clapham Common, Cold Cuts, anything basically.

  2. old ones on all three counts.. Though,Tropicana's new packaging seems more colourful,i like the old one better.