Monday, December 13, 2010

More air kissing

Yesterday was the Christmas lunch organized by one of our classmates, and we ended up being about 40-50 classmates gathered together to eat, drink, chat and air kiss!

I hadn't seen many of the classmates in months, even though we are all in London. So air kiss we must. With some greets, the mwah sound may also be heard...just with some.

When you go back to school, you realize how normal it is to be unstable (more of a perspective type thing), and I personally think its just freaking awesome when you ask someone where they are gonna be, or what they are gonna do and you may still get an answer like, "Anywhere really" including, "London, Uganda, Singapore, Hongkong"

Or then others who don't know yet coz they are considering many things, including the feasibility of launching this dream business.

It's a mix of uncertainty, and instability yes, but it is more importantly a stage of exploration and adventure, meekly complemented by periodic feelings of funkness (probably not a word). And, best of all, most of us don't judge the other. We get it, for the most part.

Whatever it is, I feel I am honored to have been able to experience it as it forces you to think about things you really want to do, rather than continue mundanely with the pre-existing routines of life. Coz I know I don't want to become like Milton from Office Space who spends his whole life in one office without ever considering the world beyond his stapler.

Me too, I mean who knows where I am going to be in a few years, or say a year or two. Maybe back home in India starting my business (yes, a seed in planted in my brain), or then in HongKong or Singapore to be closer to home. Let's see what happens. What choices we make. (Speaking of choices, I avoided any type of cider for years, but I'm starting to like it.)

It was good to see my fellow mates, and many I'll see soon, and some at graduation next year. More memories to recall. More smiles to exchange. More hugs. And definitely more air kisses.

Today I'm humming You got to pick a pocket or two from the movie Oliver Twist


  1. Good luck..Hope things work out well.. and i've never mastered the art of air kissing .. kudos to anyone who can do it well :-)

  2. Sort of understand what you have written about the being unstable thing )
    And I must say, I love the way you write. Your style stands out.

  3. Ah yes... it is indeed exciting when there seems to be endless opportunities and choices lying right before your eyes.

    I went for x'mas dinner with my fitness junkies a few days back. Had one of the best times in my life. Interesting, when most of them I've only known through cyberspace.

    Amazing how easily you can make friends nowadays.

  4. Bedazzled: With some practice U'd be a pro Im sure :)

    Sana, thanks!

    Aizan - xmas dinner sounds fun! If I came to your land with my family, we'd have met too! Next time, unless you heading to the land of snow soon???

  5. Oh... I wish I could see snow in its natural habitat someday soon but the finances does not permit unfortunately.

    Who knows, perhaps a benefactor will look kindly upon me and provide me with the necessary material means to fly over there.

    We can always wish, can't we?