Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I wanna work at Green & Black's

They made organic, trendy. Even chic, and at a decent price.

They fill so many of the boxes that I, an outsider looks at from a criteria to work point of view. It is just an initial glance coz I know nothing about the internal runnings of the place, but I can just fantasize, can't I? Besides, people who love working around chocolate can't be all bad!

Product: It's chocolate! But what makes it better than just being chocolate? It is rich, dark and so a bit bitter, flavorful, organic chocolate.

Price: Easily affordable while still offering you the feeling of 'chic'.

Packaging: A lot of their success is in their packaging, I think. That shows that the way you present things which some may consider fluff can make or break a brand. Personally, the aesthetic sensibilities of the packaging is very appealing, and I believe to many others who now view a G&B's chocolate as something more than just a green product. G&B's recognized that they had a great product and made the necessary changes to transform it and position the very same product in a different way. Terribly simple, yet genius.

Green is growing:
In more ways than one. Firstly, the concept of green is definitely on the rise. And two, Green & Black's has a way to go, with tremendous potential. I'm already thinking other areas, and other products! They do a Green & Black's baking chocolate, and a spread but I see a host of products that can be very successful. A line of G&B's baking products? G&B's healthshakes? G&B's range of chocolate-flavored teas, G&B's association with Bailey's? G&B's campaign-based organic clothes even, a bit of a stretch but with the right tag line or association it can work. Perhaps I'm getting excited, but I can't help it. I know if I'm working on products I like, I'll love what I'm doing and waking up to go to work on a gloomy winter morning won't be as difficult.

It's decided. I may have many other applications going through, and I'm also terribly keen on working with children-related companies, but Green & Black's, you are also high up on the list.

Besides, I'll be like Santa all through the year with friends and family sending me requests and their chocolate lists. I'll have all the power.

Today I'm humming: Because I got high by Afroman


  1. Yes, it's amazing isn't it... how a product is presented can make or break it.

    There are a lot of 'branded goods' which are essentially fluff. But because it was presented and marketed in such a way, there are gullible people who'd pay good money for them.

    And there are also genuinely good products that do not get a second glance because it was not packaged and marketed properly.

    Hmm.. come to think of it, it's usually the case when it comes to working life as well.

  2. :) erm.... I had my chocolate mood swing earlier this year when I simply got to have some chocolate in me when I am feeling under the weather.

    Now the only chocolate product I consume is ice blended coco :)

  3. Have you checked out the founder's website and his story of G&B? http://www.craigsams.com/pages/gb.html
    Seems like an interesting guy to have a chat with...

    Re the green positing - I like his point when he says: "Consumers don’t want to be part of the problem [unsustainable use of natural resources]. They want manufacturers to help them be part of the solution to these problems and to relieve their feelings of despair, pessimism and helplessness over the disappearance of rain forests and indigenous cultures and global warming."