Friday, March 25, 2011

Will I see you at the Royal Wedding?

Tell me. Soon. We can make the necessary preparations.

Kate insists we make it.

Apparently, the word has spread back home in Bombay too.

So my parents are coming in for my graduation which is on April 30th, and my one sister is still working on her hubby, since work may keep him away. We're hoping not. While discussing all the issues related to coming/not coming, when to come, when to leave, when is the launch of his fund etc. So, in all of this my sister decided to throw for hilarity purposes mainly, 'the attendance to the wedding' to the conversation as well! I'm glad that the response she got was him giving a cold shoulder to Kate, but a keen
attempt to be there for 'my' graduation.

The thing is this, if we are anyways in the area, why not experience London at the time. I doubt we can head anywhere outside coz the place is going to be c.r.o.w.d.e.d.

In any case, we don't have much time as we have a dinner to attend in Cambridge the night prior to graduation which happens to be on Kate and Willy's wedding day. So, we had to RSVP to Kate with a 'No'. Bummer.

Kate's not happy. But, prior plans were made, so we must abide by them.

How about you? You going? What you planning to wear? And will you hug The Queen, or just do a plain 'ol curtsy?

Today I'm humming: F*** You by Cee Lo Green


  1. I can't decide if you are being funny, or if you actually have been invited to the wedding. Or is it a public thing? I have no idea. California is a long way from London. Anyway, if you were invited, Holy Smokes!

    And congratulations on your graduation, by the way.



  2. Casey, I am shocked that you have to ask the question. Of course I did (NOT) get invited! :) Interestingly, yday was at a store and saw lots of tea cups with Kate and Will on them, I guess there's nothing like waking up to enjoy a nice cuppa tea/coffee with the Royals. I don't get it.

    Thanks for the wishes on the graduation. Its looking like its gonna be a good time!

  3. Awfully quiet around here... :)

  4. I won't be there. Well, sorry Kate.. It's a school day here.. I have to send and fetch him from school.. Bummer..