Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Secret

In whispers it is talked about
Intentionally so

Oft the hiding is not to hurt
Oft it is the contrary

Then, a secret is shared
You are suddenly closer

There's nothing like openness
A feeling of welcome

A surge of fresh, pure spirit
Clean as the back of a pristine white swan

No hushed tones, no planned conversations
R.I.P - A secret

Happy Birthday Sampy, my always-to-be naughty but bestest little monster.

Today I'm humming: Why by Anthony Newley


  1. Lovely thoughts conveyed in your poem. One of my friends called me "Little Monster," in college days!

  2. Sharing the secret that no one else knows is how lifelong relationships are created. This is a beautiful poem.



  3. Thanks all!

    Lynda, I wanna know what got you the nickname 'Little Monster'.