Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sticky Stickers Suck

Ever bought a piece of ceramic, glass or whatever else you've bought only to come home and then carefully try to peel the price tag or other info. sticker they chose to put on it? You do it ever so cautiously as you work through the edge of the sticker so that you can peel the entire thing off in one go, and then - it snaps (!) right there, in between, and leaves you with one piece in your hand, most likely the colorful and attractive blue part, while you stare (exasperated!) at a disfigured whitish pattern on the item? I have. And Ugh.

Sure it comes off, or will come off at some point or with all other remedies, including possibly heating it with a lighter, but it robs you of the joy of just getting it off in one simple swoosh. C'mon, tell me you agree.

I wish some retailers (M&S), or manufacturers or whoever, come up with a slightly better solution. Or then place it at a spot which doesn't mar the look. I'm thinking maybe there should be a benchmark for stickers that are used, and companies should consider it their competitive advantage. You know something like - 'No Sticky Stickers. No residue - For that perfectly smooth feel, in just one swoosh!'

They'd have one confirmed patron for sure.

One more thing, I also wish ordering and delivery of furniture were made a bit easier, or quicker and had slightly less shipping costs.

That's all the complaining for one day.

On the positive side, the house is coming together, kinda. The glass coffee nesting tables have arrived! I like. Very heavy, like very heavy. The package weighed 46 kgs. Three little tables. Well worth it tho.

And so has the little Creepie bench which I adore.

And the rest will come shortly too. I'm hopeful.

Today I'm humming Oh Boy by Ms. Li


  1. Hurm.... I don't really care for the price stickers.... I'd rip it and if it was still there, well life goes on :)

    And Welcome back!

  2. Ah, if you can't complain on your blog, where can you complain?

  3. Ahh.. I'm not really bothered by sticky stickers and what not. That's my mom's job to fret over it.

    And good luck with the moving. Could be a source of inspiration for complaint blog writing.