Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh Javier!

It's Charisma, yup, that's what he's got.

He's not a pretty man per say, and I'm not attracted to him in a lusty way, but there's something about him. He slowly but surely buys you in. He's got the charm factor and lot's of it. I think it works more coz it seems like he isn't faking it, or is really good at faking it. I prefer to consider the former to be true. I've picked four of his movies that show how this one-sided relationship blossomed.

No Country for Old Men: I like your stoic, cold-hearted, maniacal character Javier. I am beginning to like you as an actor. Strictly just that. I mean, it's not like your haircut encourages swoons or warm tumble twists in the tummy. It's not me being rude. In your own words apparently when you saw your potential haircut for the movie, "I'm not going to be laid for three months."

Vicki, Cristina, Barccelona: Now, now. It's changing. Firstly, it's a Woody Allen movie. Second, you have a new hairdo! It makes you look quite nice - inviting, charming, warm, self-assured, confident, open, quite the free spirit. Loyalty issues persist most likely, but in these one-sided, not-wanting-to-pursue-type hypothetical relationships, we can ignore that bit. Oh, and there's stubble too, which I think should just stay on you, period.

Before Night Falls: And, now even more respect. You seem all of the above mentioned, and because of your character, Reinaldo, more intelligent, philosophical, determined, vulnerable, and fearless, all at the same time. I'm not into gay men, so we'll leave this one for just tremendous respect.

Eat. Pray. Love: Didnt expect to see you (didnt read the cast of actors prior), so was pleasantly surprised coz until you arrived, Liz (seemed a bit...boring), and this coming from someone who likes Julia Roberts. Agree, she is probably one of the few actresses that can carry a movie on her shoulders and one that will make people go to watch the movie, but she fell short. At times I felt she overdid it. Javier, you again, I liked. The warm, dedicated, hurt man who lives in a very cool house btw in Bali, and who seems to value marriage.

So there we are. Javier, you make movie watching easier and complex. You are calming and intense. You are balanced, with a fantastic presence. Your accent is cool too. You and Penelope make a good couple....I think so anyway. Stay together, please. Don't let us find you naked in a hotel room with a needle in your arm, and a strange woman by your side. It won't be pretty, even with that stubble.

Today I'm humming: Something Stupid by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman


  1. Amen. Preach on! Nice visuals. I feel dizzy now, thanks. :P
    I just recently came across your blog, and I have to say that was quite a post! I love Javier Bardem.

    'Stay together, please. Don't let us find you naked in a hotel room with a needle in your arm, and a strange woman by your side. It won't be pretty, even with that stubble.'

    I'll second that!

    You should also add his performance in the movie 'Love In The Time of Cholera' to your list. That's the movie that did it for me. Truthfully, there is nothing sexier than a man who writes poetry.

  2. Of course! How could I have forgotten about 'Love in the time of Cholera'. I really liked that movie as well. Thanks for the reminder! Gonna visit you and check out your blog too. Thanks for popping by.