Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She's here!

A little girl has joined our family.

After having two nephews, we are now blessed with a niece as of last night, and my parents now have their third grandchild and first grand daughter.   Might I say that she is absolutely gorgeous, and so cute?!   Some juicy, fleshy lips, chubby cheeks, and just an edible face over all.   I know, that's mean.  But I mean it in the most 'I'm in love with her' sort of way.  Really.  I am.  Sigh.

Aww....I am in London and she in Mumbai, which sucks, but I'm looking at a few pics I've received so far, and I can't help but stare at her, tilt my head back and forth poring over every little detail on that precious little face,  the way every strand of hair falls, her eyelashes, her....everything.

I just want her to wake up, and look at us, and smile, and well just grow up a bit!  This is the impatient Aunty talking.   We've waited for her for nine months!

In India, you cannot find out the sex of the baby, so there was a good amount of 'guessing'.   Oquai and I always said it was going to be a lil princess.  Well, thats more because we wanted a lil princess.  How else are we going to be able to buy those beautiful lil strappy dresses, and cute brogues from Aunty Me that we've had to pass by as we go shopping for my nephews.   It's good to balance out the rugged with some flowery prints, no?

So So So So So Happy.   I hope I can make it back home on work in a month or so.  Oquai is telling me to go now and surprise them, but I think I'll hold off, and go when my lil munchkin is out of the hospital, and in her gurgle goo goo gaa gaa state.    What do you think?  It's being more practical, and that way I'll manage to get some work done too.

Her mama, dada, and big bro are all doing well.   Yes, they are.  Big bro is veryyyy excited.  'His' baby if you please, has arrived.   He's been ever so sweet, keeping toys for his baby, and even assigning a car for 'his' baby.

My Dada (Papa M) is so thrilled.   Nana S is relieved and happy, and she says 'SSQUO, she's sooo cute, and pretty'.   I know, we are all biased.  But, all babies are pretty to us no?  And finally, us Aunties - my two other sisters and I have gone a bit cuckoo in excitement I think.  well, can you blame us?

Oh, I'm not sure what it must feel like if this baby was coming out of me, coz I was almost dying of excitement in anticipation of this little one yesterday.   It was so much that after a few hours, I thought I was ready to collapse.

Phew.  And I didn't deliver no baby.

Today I'm humming:  But you love me Daddy by Jim Reeves, a song we used to sing as kids.  And its quite apt for today. 

Pic Source: Rolleduppretty.com


  1. congratulations to all of you!! She sounds wonderful and hope the time flies till you get to meet her! I think you are right to wait....when she's a little older, she will be more alert; right now, she'll be at the stage where she mainly sleeps!

  2. Heartiest congratulations!! :)

  3. Thanks Roshni! yes, I think I'm gonna hold off and go in a bit. I want that 'Oh look, my favorite Aunty is here' look when she sees me! :)

    Thanks nm!

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