Monday, February 14, 2011

The Egg has arrived on the red carpet - oh and Lady Gaga was around too

A simple display of *OTT?

Or pure genius?

"How Blah!", Gaga thought as she sat tweeting on her smartphone while waiting for a new level of bizarre clothing to be designed for her for the 2011 Grammy's, "to wear something and walk on the red carpet like other talented mortals."

"Gimme a chance to be born on Grammy day. And make it not-so-simple", she continued.

Quickly the creative geniuses picked on the key ideas:
  • Lady Gaga does not want to walk the red carpet
  • Lady Gaga wants to be better than the rest
  • Lady Gaga wants 'Ooohs' and 'Aaah's'
  • Lady Gaga wants to stand out (or rather sit in)
  • Lady Gaga wants to be OTT (surprise surprise!)
  • Lady Gaga has a new album called 'Born This Way' coming out soon

An egg! So simple in its look, and grand in its symbolism of birth.

No, she won't just walk with half-boiled eggs and create some twisted story while talking to Ryan Seacrest about her new 'Born this Way' album. No siree! This self-expressing diva will BE the egg, and someone will talk for her. How ingenious.

The best video (with not the best audio, since there are prohibitions of good videos uploaded just yet here in the UK) is here. You are DYING to check it out. I know, coz you cannot miss this. Click here and then watch Video 1.

I have to say when I first saw the bottom half of the interestingly skinny legs of the men carrying something on what seemed to be a palanquin, with a skinny woman by their side, I felt, 'Now that's OTT, and how like Lady Gaga to do that'.

As the egg made its way down the red carpet with only one stop, at the E! booth, her spokesperson said, "She is incubating until she is ready for her performance!".

At this point, I'm finding all this genius. Hilariously, business-wise and in Lady Gaga'ish style genius.

Call it attention seeking, call it making a statement, call her crazy. It worked! Everyone is talking. It's Lady Gaga. You expect the bizarre, different and supremely quirky. Record a conversation with anyone about Grammy's 2011 and let's see the percentage of times the egg is not mentioned. I say we'll come up with a big fat egg. A zero. Nada. An egg is after all how life begins for many beings on the earth. It is crucial.

Nicki Minaj (left) thought with her leopard print outfit, she could never be upstaged, but I bet she didn't think the possibilities of being upstaged by an egg.

Today I'm humming: Poker Face by Lady Gaga

*OTT: Over the Top


  1. She is a genius!!! I am all gaga about her :)

  2. Of course you are Nata! :)

  3. Spot on.. that's what i was thinking too when i saw her in that egg... hahhahah

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